Scenic Choir: Musical communication, body language and how to sing from the heart (Amanda style)

Scenic Choir is a concept that combines stage awareness, presence, clearly defined performance goals and carefully chosen theatrical elements. Allowing each and every singer to connect to their unique expressive self will give the whole choir a power to touch the audience in million ways. Focusing on concepts including body language, playfulness, mindfulness, communication, and creativity, it is Anci Hjulström’s goal to inspire people to find freedom on stage.

Anci Hjulström is a singer, actress, musician, music and theatre director, pedagogue in music communication and coahc in creativity. Educated at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg University, Anci has a Master in Fine Arts and different Theatre/Actors educations. She has long term cooperations creating scenic music performances with orchestras, bands, ensembles, choirs (e.g. The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Folk Theatre in Gothenburg, Gothenburg Wind Orchestra, choirs all over Sweden and also abroad; Iceland, Norway,  Germany, Israel, Brazil etc.) Anci has given workshops and master classes in Music Communication all over Sweden and also abroad with Choirs, Musicians, Ensembles, different Music Academies, The Gothenburg Opera etc. She is also director and creator of different scenic music drama pieces and all over Sweden and member of the artistic board and creator of the pioneer Scenic Choir Amanda ( She has been a coach in Communication, Creativity and Inspiration in Swedish Choral Association , also often engaged by the Music Departments of the Swedish Church, Chalmers University of Technology Festivals etc.
Anci has been awarded as ”National Director” of The Swedish Choral Association 2010 and 2011 for her unique way of finding the personal voices of the choir singers and the Madeleine Uggla Award 2017 for inspiring Swedish Choirs to develop new kinds of creative concerts to reach a new audience.

2 August: 10:30 - 11:30