Music scores

Ordering atelier scores is closed!

To order the music for your atelier please send an e-mail to: or

The e-mail should include:
– the name of the atelier you will participate 
– how many copies you need
– your complete address
– address of the invoice 
– your way of payment: PayPal and Mastercard are possible. 

From the end of April on you will also be able to order from our website: by searching for example “Europa Cantat 2018, Atelier“ (then name of the atelier) package. 
Example: Europa Cantat 2018, Atelier A1 package

There you will be on a secure site and have the possibility to set your payment details on a save site.
Since we are still in the process of getting all the music together, we will be able to take orders and send them at the end of April 2018.

IMPORTANT! The Festival Office of EC XX doesn’t provide any physical copies of the atelier scores during the festival in Tallinn. It is obligatory for every singer to buy all the scores of the atelier where he/she is participating.