Composers’ showcase

The EUROPA CANTAT Festival wishes to contribute to the discovery of new repertoire, and one tool (next to commissions to composers from across Europe) is the "Showcase for Composers", a chance for young or internationally less known composers to showcase their work in front of conductors participating in the festival.

For the applying composers there will be the possibility to present their music during a 10-minute showcase, in front of an audience of conductors, publishers, music operators and other composers, organised at the beginning of every day as official part of the Programme for Conductors and Composers in a plenary session.

In addition they shall be able to attend sessions of the Conductors' and Composers programme and to meet conductors in the "Conductors' café" where there will also be the possibility to display free material. Finally they can check with publishers will be present at the festival music expo and ask them to have some of their scores available at the booth.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

The selected composers are:

Jakub Neske (Poland)
Stephan Nicolay (France)
Uršula Jašovec (Slovenia)
Fortunat Frölich (Switzerland)
Franco Prinsloo (South Africa)
Pieter Bezuidenhout (South Africa)
Monika Sokaite (Lithuania)
Sander Sokk (Estonia)