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A11 Happy Birthday, Estonia!

Let’s congratulate the Republic of Estonia for its 100th anniversary by singing on the shell stage. Experience the same feeling that all Estonians experience every five years on the Song Celebration Grounds! The repertoire will include classics from the Estonian Song Celebrations and beloved songs from all over the world.

Venue: Jakob Westholm Gymnasium
Final performance: 3. August 19.00, Song Festival Ground

Photo: Olga Makina

Hirvo Surva (EE) He is currently chief conductor of National Opera Boys’ Choir and Mixed Choir of Estonian Public Broadcasting. Since 1993, Mr Surva has conducted at Estonian Song Celebrations and was Artistic Director of VIII and IX Youth Song Celebration and XXVI Estonian Song Celebration. He is the Chairman of Estonian Choral Conductors’ Association and Estonian Male Choirs’ Society. In addition, he teaches at Estonian Academy of Music and University of Music and Theatre of Oregon (USA). He was nominated Estonian Conductor of the year 2003.

Foto: Hendrik Kettunen

Finnish rhythmic choir conductor pioneer, composer and pedagogue Merja Rajala is specialised in popular music, including world music genres and fusions. In addition to her own choral work (Global Choir, Open Voice, Partita) Merzi is the responsible lecturer for Global Choir Conducting/Sibelius Academy, and the creator of Vocal Ensemble Pedagogy/Metropolia UAS. Currently she is researching the possibilities of improvisation methods used as a vehicle for collective artistic work in choirs.


7 days
Final performance:
Commissioned piece:
György Orbán (Hungary)