Turkish Music

This discovery atelier will introduce the strong tradition of singing in Turkey and explore Turkish folk music. Participants will have the opportunity to sing folk songs about joy, sorrow, love, lost, longing and  patriotism. The songs will be in unison and in easy arrangements that will include irregular rhythms  and microtonal maqams of Turkish music.

This atelier is presented by the project Sing Me In. Read more about it here

Pınar Çanakçı is a conductor and a teacher in Karabuk University. She has been singing in various choirs in Turkey as well as Revoice International Vocal Ensemble. After participating in international festivals and projects such as Eurochoir (2014), World Youth Choir (2016), Choreos (2017) and Sing Me In (2018) she started working more on understanding between different cultures, people and traditions through music.

31 July: 09:30 - 12:30