Adapting your vocal technique to different styles

Would you like to be able to sing out of the box? Did you know that it’s possible to create a dark, round, classical sound today, sing with a smoky jazz voice tomorrow, and belt your heart out like a true gospel singer the day after? Learn how to do this in a healthy manner, with the world renowned method Complete Vocal Technique, taught by Authorised CVT Teacher Sarah Algoet.

Sarah Algoet (Belgium) loves to think & act out of the box! Her conservatory eduations in classical singing, intensive courses in many different methods and her experience as an Authorised CVT-Teacher (Complete Vocal Technique) gave her the ability to use her voice in a very versatile way. This is also her main focus as a teacher & coach: To give you a solid technical basis, so you find the freedom to transfer your own personality and message with your sound of choice, in a healthy manner. Sarah teaches private lessons on- and offline, workshops & masterclasses all over Europe (NL, ENG & FR).

29 July: 09:30 - 12:30