Singing for Inspiration, Meditations, Inspiration

In this atelier, we will explore music from different traditions—from South Asia, Africa, and the Mediterranean—that may be less familiar to us. Together, we will see how music from these regions can inspire us and help us to experience a sense community, in ways we never knew were possible. We will work by ear, using the body, percussion and space. Come, be inspired and uplifted!

André de Quadros is a professor of music at Boston University. He is Music Director of the Manado State University Choir (Indonesia), Common Ground Voices (an Israeli /Palestinian/Swedish choir), the VOICES 21C project choir, and Aswat (Muslim choir, Sri Lanka). Dr de Quadros is the editor of The Cambridge Companion to Choral Music. In addition to leading projects in Massachusetts prisons, he is active in community choral projects in the Arab world and Israel. His professional life has taken him to the most diverse settings in more than forty countries.

4 August: 09:30 - 12:30