Discovery for Children’s Choirs

To make music, we need the eye to decode, the voice to sound, memory to anticipate, and the ear to verify. But to take things one step further, we combine these with our human emotions. When well-managed, an increased emphasis on the emotional aspect of the choral experience can increase expressivity, solve technical problems, and enhance the sense of ensemble. Through a series of role-play and empathy exercises, participants will be encouraged to explore the possibilities of their ‘hidden voice’.

Luigi Leo is the director and the founder of the “Modus Novus” vocal ensemble, “Juvenes Cantores” children’s and youth’s choir and Apulian Youth Choir. He directed the children’s choir of the conservatoire Nino Rota (Monopoli-Bari). He also is the director of studies and principal academic of Biannual Academy for Children Choirs’ Conductors approved by the Ministry of Education. Luigi Leo has lead several ateliers, courses, seminars for teachers and choir directors, performed in prestigious festivals and institutions (Naples, Bergamo, Teramo, Salerno, Sassari, Torino, Milano, Utrecht and got awards in national and international competitions (Arezzo, Gorizia, Fermo, Matera, Rimini).

2 August: 09:30 - 12:30