Have you ever wondered how it is possible to make all kinds of sounds with your mouth and wanted to try out beatboxing? In this atelier you can learn some basics from one of the best European beatboxers, Roxor Loops.

Roxor Loops started beatboxing at the age of 17 after hearing the probably most legendary sentence in beatbox history ‘The beat and the chorus at the same time.’ He became Belgian Champion at 20 and vice world champion a year after. He is a regular member of international beatbox contest juries. To date Roxor Loops is considered by many as the best beatboxer in the world although he clearly states there is no best. He has worked with some top a cappella groups such as The Swingle Singers (UK) and Voces8 (UK). He was the resident beatboxer of Witloof Bay (BE) and now joined Voxnorth (DK). He also performs in contemporary dance and theatre projects such as Les Daltoniens and Urban Nomads.

1 August: 09:30 - 12:30