What is collective choral composing? Example: a catwalk-concert created by a choir

Dr. Dóra Halas (D.L.A.) has been experimenting with choir improvisation and a new methodology she now calls “Collective Choral Composing” for 15 years now. Her aim is to involve the members of a choir from the very first step of creating a new project and on all levels. The word “composing” in this case refers to the creation of the whole performance, including the philosophy and theory behind the performance, visuals, choreography and of course, musical ideas. The session will walk you through the process of how Taboo Collection, a unique catwalk-concert created by 24 amateur choir members, a theatre costume designer, a choral conductor and a sound designer was put together. 


Dr. Dóra Halas gained a degree in Choral Conducting and Music Teaching, and a Doctor of Liberal Arts title at the Budapest Music Academy specializing in Choral Improvisation. After working with traditional choirs and receiving international prizes, she moved onto a more experimental field. The choirs she founded all revolve around her newly developed methodology of collective choral composing. Her current and most successful ensemble is Soharóza, who have premiered innovative performances, fusing different arts and genres. Her aim is to make performers into actual creators of a project on all levels.

29 July: 10:30 - 11:30