Choireography for children and youth

How can functional movement and staging contribute to the quality of singing, support the music in dynamics and help to sing with energy? Panda van Proosdij will explain this in this workshop. 

Panda van Proosdij (NL) has been working on a method / philosophy “Voice & Physique” for ten years now. This method is about supporting the voice by creating a good physical awareness and a way to let movement contribute to the quality of singing. She gives workshops and masterclasses ‘Voice & Physique’ all over the world and creates Choireography (Choireography is a term that Panda invented to point out that her work is about movement which supports singing) for different choirs and their events. In 2014 her book ‘Voice & Physique’ has been published. Panda directs musicals, light opera and music theatre performances. She started her own theatre company PANDORA werktheater in 2016 in Amsterdam. In 2014, she won an award for ‘Best Director’ and in 2016 for ‘Best Choreography’.

29 July: 10:30 - 11:30