Amplifying vocal and choral music

How to amplify choirs? Which and how many microphones do you need to provide the perfect sound in a concert? Why do I need amplification? In this session these questions are answered and different possibilities of amplifying choirs and using technical sound equipment in choirs will be introduced. 

This session will be held in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tatari 13) 

Tammo Sumera (1984) grew up in a family of musicians and has played the piano since he was 4 years old. At the same age he started to show interest in electronics. Tammo studied in Tallinn Music High School additionally to the piano also the clarinet and in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre sound engineering. During his studies he was the chairman of the Student Council and active in the education field, afterwards as an organiser. Currently, Tammo Sumera is the head of the technology centre of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, lecturer and freelance live-electronic-sound engineer. he has participated in different international festivals in Europe, USA and in Japan as a prize-winning interpreter of electronic music, music director and also as an organiser and collaborated with Estonian biggest orchestras, famous conductors, interpreters composers. 

4 August: 10:30 - 11:30
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tatari 13) - room C007