The Rock ’n Rollator Show – Russian Culture Centre

A musical evening about the high hopes and burdens of old age.

The one-time Rock ‘n’ Rollers are now enjoying life as the Rock ‘n’ Rollator generation.

The Show: with songs from “The Who” to Tom Waits and with narrations from Juvenal to Simone de Beauvoir, THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLLATOR SHOW relives on stage the infermities and desires of old age, fears and frivolity.

Beyond mid-life but still dreaming: ironically witty, very musical and sometimes very, very naughty.

“Take a walk on the wild side” is the byword of these self-confident, young-at-heart oldsters, who still have lots to say. Yearning, desire for love and adventure.

Old age with all its dreams, wishes and pitfalls.

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31 July: 20:00
Russian Culture Centre