Opening Concert

It is not possible to order free participants’ tickets for this concert anymore. Please ask them from festival ticket office during the festival, or just come to the concert place 30 minutes before the concert! Public tickets are on sale in Piletilevi!


Performers: VoSingers, The Swingles, Mixed choir HUIK!, ETV Girls’ Choir, Boys’ Choir of Estonian National Opera and EuroChoir 2018 – FREE ADMISSION


Tobin Stokes (*1966) – Vox Tronica

Moses Hogan (1957–2003) – I’m gonna sing ‘till the spirit moves in my heart

Veljo Tormis (1930–2017) – Sampo tagumine (‘Forging the Sampo’),

Hungarian folk song, arr. Szalbocs – Kis kece l.nyom

Szalbocs – Medley

VoiSingers, conductor Szalbocs

Mart Saar (1882–1963) – Jaan läeb jaanitulele (‘Jaan goes to midsummer bonfire’); Noore veljo, (‘Frolick, young lads’)

Roman Toi (1916–2018) – Laulu mõju (‘The power of song’)

Raimond Valgre (1913–1949) – Helmi

28 July: 20:00