Inner Mongolian Youth Choir – Culture Cauldron

The Inner Mongolia Youth Choir was founded in September, 2008, and is also known as the Inner Mongolia Arts University “choir base class”. It is Inner Mongolia first choir of this kind. Renowned Chinese conductor Yalungerile serves as their artistic director and choir leader, with renowned composer Se. Enkhbayar acting as the choir’s composer. The choir currently consists of about 80 members, most within the ages of 12 to 17, and all are from farming families on the plains of Inner Mongolia. Their teachers have very internationalized backgrounds, and include representatives of traditional Mongol arts and culture. The children in the choir are very talented and excel at learning new pieces, and in addition to songs in the Mongol language they can also perform those in Chinese and several foreign languages. Many of the members play musical instruments, including traditional Mongolian ones like the horse head fiddle, as well as the piano, violin, and so on. They also perform traditional Mongolian dances.

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1 August: 15:00
Culture Cauldron