Collegium Musicale „Forgotten Peoples“ – House of Blackheads

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Estonian chamber choir Collegium Musicale was founded by conductor Endrik Üksvärav in October 2010. The repertoire extends from renaissance to contemporary music. The special place in the repertoire belongs to the Estonian composers: Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis, Erkki-Sven Tüür, Helena Tulve, Tõnu Kõrvits, Mirjam Tally, Pärt Uusberg etc. The aim is to offer high level musical emotions and be the ambassadors of Estonian music.

The choir has co-operated with different orchestras and ensembles – Helsinki Baroque Orchestra, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, Rascher Saxophone Quartet,  Tallinn Baroque Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, baroque orchestra Barrocade (Israel), Corelli Consort, Klaaspärlimäng Sinfonietta, string quartet Prezioso etc and conductors including Tõnu Kaljuste, Andres Mustonen, Kaspars Putninš (LT), Aapo Häkkinen (FIN), Simon Carrington (UK), Jos van Veldhoven (Holland), Darrel Ang (Singapur/FRA), Mihhail Gerts, Toomas Vavilov.

Collegium Musicale has had concert tours in Italy (Rome, Arezzo, Gorizia etc), France, Russia, Finland, Germany, Poland, Czech, Malta and Japan. In Japan Estonian composers Erkki-Sven Tüür and Arvo Pärt participated in the choir’s concert in Tokyo.


Conductor: Endrik Üksvärav

Veljo Tormis (1930–2017) – Forgotten Peoples

IV Ingrian Evenings (1979) – Röntüškä I–III (Dance Songs I–III), A Roundelay

I Livonian Heritage (1970) – Sang The Father, Sang The Son

II Votic Wedding Songs (1971) – The Arrival Of Wedding Guests, Instructing The Newly-Weds

III Izhorian Epic (1975/1979) – Incantation of snakes, My Mouth Was Singing, My Heart Worrying

IV Vepsian Paths (1983) – Cuckoo and Cuckoo, I Went To Fetch Some Water, Pussy-Cat, Pussy-Cat, I’d Like To Sing You A Song, Forced To Get Married

VI Karelian Destiny (1986–1989) – Suitors From The Sea, A Lullaby

IV Ingrian Evenings (1979) – Rõntüškä V, Ending and Going Home


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2 August: 20:00
House of Blackheads