Information about tickets to all participants


Ordering of free concert tickets for the festival is over as pre-ordering was open until July 7 th.
You will get you ordered tickets at festival check-in when you arrive. Please note, that there will be many choir-to-choir concerts and open air concerts, where you don’t need ticket at all. You don’t have to order ticket for the concert where you will perform (for your own atelier concert, for example)!

All tickets left will be available during the festival in Ticket Office. If you change your mind
and decide not to go to your booked concert, please bring your tickets back to ticket office by 1 day
before the concert at 16.00 the latest.

Please note that free tickets are only available for registered festival participants, wearing
your participant’s badge! Everyone else has to buy tickets HERE.

Eventually, please note you will have until 10 minutes before the concert starts to enter
the concert venue. If you are not there 10 minutes before the concert starts, your seat will be
automatically given to someone else. This also means that if there is a concert you absolutely want to see but you could not get any ticket for it, you still can come earlier to the concert venue. There will be a queue for people
without tickets, and 10 minutes before the concert starts, we will let in as many people from this
queue as there are empty seats inside, according to the principle “first come first served”.

Best regards,
Eva Garmider-Laur and Hanna Luisa Grosberg
Festival ticket office