Free public transport in Tallinn for EUROPA CANTAT XX participants

Photo: Pjotr Mehhonin / Wikimedia Commons

The Tallinn City Government decided to give free access to public transport for all participants of the EUROPA CANTAT XX Tallinn 2018 the whole period of the festival! The participation badge will also act as an free public transport card, which means the participants only have to show the festival badge if asked to prove that they are allowed to use the public transport for free. 

“As the festival takes place all over the city in different venues and the public transport routes and connections are very convenient in Tallinn, it is a huge help for all participants to not worry about public transport tickets and to make the stay comfortable and more affordable. We are very happy that the Tallinn City Government decided to give the festival the opportunity to have free access for public transport, this also means that the City of Tallinn really appreciates the festival and all the people coming around the world to Tallinn” says Kaie Tanner, general manager of EUROPA CANTAT XX Tallinn 2018 festival. 

Free public transportation for all participants will be valid from July 27th to August 5th 2018.