The festival booklet is published!

The first booklet of EUROPA CANTAT XX Tallinn 2018 is now ready! 

The booklet contains general information about the upcoming festival like how to participate, fees and conditions and about the team, the location (Tallinn) and of course about some festival highlights.

The core of the booklet is the final atelier programme which this edition includes 44 different offers for children’s, girls’, boys’, mixed youth, female and mixed choirs and National Youth Choirs and offers a great variation of genres, styles and languages – from pop and jazz tunes to classical music and folk songs from all over the world!

The atelier programme will include ateliers with Bob Chilcott (B4: Can you hear me? for girls’ choir), Tõnu Kaljuste (C6 Pärt: Te deum for mixed choirs with orchestra), Daniel Reuss (D3: Works for Double and Triple Choir for National Youth Choirs), Anu Tali (A7: Kreekviem – Cyrillus Kreek “Requiem” for mixed choir and orchestra), Merel Martens (B6: Ladies rock! for female choir), Jānis Ozols (C5: Baltic Music of Today for youth mixed choirs) and many more. 

You can check the programme also on the webpage under Programme -> Ateliers for singers (the page will be continuously updated!). 

You can read and download the booklet here