Ateliers for singers

B2 Original Aboriginal

Discover the music from a continent that is so far away from us – aboriginal music with movement, from New Zealand, Australia and other countries in this area. During this atelier, you will find out what is different in comparison with folk music from Europe.

Venue: Salme Culture Centre, room 301
Final performance: 2. August 15.00, Russian Culture Centre

Lyn Williams (AU) is Australia’s leading director of choirs for young people. She founded Sydney Children’s Choir 27 years ago to create a world-class ensemble, capable of performing complex music of a professional standard. The Sydney Children’s Choir now proudly represents Sydney as the most prestigious and well-known vocal program for young singers of school age. Lyn formed the treble choir Gondwana Voices in 1997 where young musicians from across the continent could discover others who share their passion for singing. This program has grown into Gondwana National Choirs, made up of more than 300 young people. Lyn’s exceptional skill in working with young people is recognized internationally for its high artistic quality and ground-breaking innovation.

6 days
Final performance: