Ateliers for singers

B1 From Shrek To Oceania

Who doesn’t like songs from our favourite animated films? The atelier is a fun journey to the world of cartoons through music.


Luigi Leo (IT) is the director and the founder of the “Modus Novus” vocal ensemble, “Juvenes Cantores” children’s and youth’s choir and Apulian Youth Choir. He directed the children’s choir of the conservatoire Nino Rota (Monopoli-Bari). He also is the director of studies and principal academic of Biannual Academy for Children Choirs’ Conductors approved by the Ministry of Education. Luigi Leo has lead several ateliers, courses, seminars for teachers and choir directors, performed in prestigious festivals and institutions (Naples, Bergamo, Teramo, Salerno, Sassari, Torino, Milano, Utrecht and got awards in national and international competitions (Arezzo, Gorizia, Fermo, Matera, Rimini).

5 days
Final performance: