Ateliers for singers

C3 Bernstein: Chichester Psalms

In celebration of Leonard Bernstein’s 100th anniversary, this atelier will focus on one of the composer’s most significant choral symphonies.


Vytautas Miškinis (LT) is the Artistic Director of the Ažuoliukas Boys’ and Male Choir, professor of choral conducting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and President of the Lithuanian Choral Union and renowned composer. He began his career in Ažuoliukas at the age of seven as a vocalist, and continued as Artistic Director from the age of 25. All the achievements of the choir from 1979 have been due to Mr. Miškinis’ leadership. For several years he conducted the Kaunas State Choir and Vocal Ensemble Museum Musicum. He has composed about 400 religious motets a cappella, 18 Masses, Magnificat, Cantatas, Musicals and about 400 secular songs, which are performed by choirs throughout Lithuania and the rest of Europe.

4 days
Final performance: