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A15 À la carte!

We love to eat different foods – a starter, a main course and a dessert. Why not to sing different kinds and tastes of music in one programme and enjoy some special food in the breaks? Bon appétit!


Photo: Marion Frégeac

Christine Morel (FR) is currently chief of the Young National Choir (chamber choir of youth programme of A Coeur Joie France). She is also teacher of the choirmasters’ and choral singing in Angers’ Regional Conservatory, specialist of 21st century’s vocal music. She places orders and creates several masterpieces of which the newest is called “The Humanitudes of Thierry Machuel” (May 2015 and 2016). She also created and produced the sound illustrating the installation of Ayong Kim in the Palace of Tokyo and its representation danced in Palais Garnier (June 2016, in collaboration with the ballet-dancer of the Opera and Sébastien Bertaud). Really active in education, she was brought to create new vocal channels. Then, the municipality of Paris put her in charge of the Choeur de l’Ecole’s (the Choir of the School) programme, for which she placed a choir in each school of the city, thus creating more than 250 extra-curriculum activities. She also became active in teaching choir conducting, helping the emerging generation of french choir conductors enter the career, and fostering their access to higher education in the national Conservatoires.
As a conductor, she was invited to direct and conduct the Regional amateur choir for their gathering, several workshops of Choralies de Vaison la Romaine, but also the Maîtrise des Pays de la Loire, the orchestra of Bach Cantus with the whole Parisian System20+.

5 days
Final performance:
Commissioned piece:
Gonzague Monney (CH)