Perform with your choir

If you come with a full choir and you wish to perform your own repertoire, you will be able to apply for the following options:

  • A „choir-to-choir” concert in a church or hall, together with another participating choirs (only possible between 28.7. and 31.7.) - 20-30 minutes
  • A performance spot during the „Choir Night” on 30.7. – OR: a performance spot during the „Promenade Concert” on 1.8. - 15 minutes
  • An Open-Air performance (including the possibility to sing on the festival main stage on the Town Hall Square) - 15 minutes
  • A „regional concert” in a village or town near Tallinn (with the bus costs to be covered by your choir) - 20-30 minutes

You will be able to indicate your wishes and preferences during registration.